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» AB-1351: Automatic 1-needle Belt-Loop Attaching Machine


AB-1351 is the world's first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns! The belt-loop sewing shape and sewing size can be easily changed through the operation panel.This machine not only reduces the time required for the

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» AC-172N-1790 : High-speed, Computer-controlled Buttonholing Indexer

The AC-172N-1790 is the newly-developed next-generation buttonholing indexer, which comes with the highly evaluated high-speed machine head LBH-1790 and is provided as standard with

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» AMB-289 : Computer-controlled, High-speed, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine

The machine demonstrates the highest productivity among button-neck-wrapping machines intended for men's and ladies' outer wear.

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» APW-895, APW-896 : Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine

The machine supports the sewing of straight pockets (with flaps) on suits, jackets and pants. Double-/single-welt sewing can be changed over by the simple touch of a key on the operation panel.

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APW-895, APW-896  
» ASN-690 Series : Automatic Serging Machine

Increased productivity is required in the serging process. JUKI has launched its super-high speed machine developed in pursuit of simple-in-operation and ease-of-use. To fully support the operator so that he/she can carry out serging speedily,

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ASN-690 Series  
» AVP-875A, AVP-875S : Automatic Pocket Setter (for jeans)

The pocket setter automates a series of pocket attaching processes to automatically fold the subsequent pocket piece while the currently folded one is being attached on a garment body.

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AVP-875A, AVP-875S  
» MOL-254 : Automatic 2-needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine

The machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop, which ensures increased productivity. The feed mechanism incorporates a computer-controlled X-Y method to allow the operator to change the number of stitches and sewing sizes.

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» AE-200ALA, AE-200ALD : Edge Control Seamer

The AE-200A edge control seamer is now launched. The machine is configured with JUKI's unique sensor and manipulator-control mechanisms allowing inexperienced operators to join materials with defferent curves" with great finesses matching the finished seam quality of

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AE-200ALA, AE-200ALD