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» Single needle, Lockstitch
» Double needle, Lockstitch
» Overlock/Safety Stitch
» Zigzag Stitching Machine
» Post-bed Sewing Machine
» Coverstitch Machine
» Chainstitch Machine
» Button Sewing Machine
» Buttonholing Machine
» Bartacking Machine
» Shape-tacking Machine
» Computer-controlled Cycle
» Automatic Machine
  For Apperal - Bartacking Machine
» LK-1900AN: Computer-controlled, High-speed, Bartacking Machine


The machine runs at 3,200sti/min, faster than any other sewing machine ever made. In addition to the high-speed sewing performance,cycle time can be substantially decreased

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» LK-1850: High-speed, Bartacking Machine

Smooth operation contributes to high-quality finished Bartacking and a higher degree of efficiency

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