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  For Apperal - Chainstitch Machine
» MH-1410: High-speed, Cylinder-bed, Needle-feed, Double Chainstitch Machine


The machine is designed specifically for the attaching of waistbands to jeans, casual pants, etc. The machine supports two different waistband styles; "pre-cut style" and "continuous band style."

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» MH-481-5, MH-481, MH-484-5, MH-484, MH-486-5: 1-needle, Double Chainstitch Machine

The machine comes with a thread spreading mechanism and an adjustable needle guard to prevent stitch skipping. The thread clamp mechanism, tension release mechanism

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MH-481-5, MH-481, MH-484-5, MH-484, MH-486-5  
» MH-380, MH-382: High-speed, Flat-bed, 2-needle Double Chainstitch Machine

Accurate stitching performance and durable finished seams are particularly necessary in the chainstitching process. JUKI ensures high-quality sewing with a higher degree of consistency with its unique looper mechanism and consistent condensation stitching mechanism.

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MH-380, MH-382  
» MS-1190, MS-1261: Feed-off-the-arm, Double Chainstitch Machine

Thanks to the thread guide located between the needle bar thread take-up and the intermediate tention release lever, the timing to tense the needle thread can be decreased.
As a result, the machine is capable of beautiful stitches with a soft appearance

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MS-1190, MS-1261  
» MP-200N: Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine

The machine is able to perform sewing with a reduced tension applied to the thread, thereby widening its application range. With its upgraded responsiveness to changes in materials and processes, the machine always produces beautiful and soft pinpoint stitches.

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» ML-111U: Single-thread, Chainstitch Basting Machine

Chainstitch is continuously formed with a single thread and by a blind looper which eliminates the need for a bobbin thread refilling. In addition, the basted seam can be easily undone.

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» MS-3580 Series: Feed-off-the-arm, 3-needle Double Chainstitch Machine

This machine demonstrates increased feed efficiency to handle extra heavy weight 16-ply denim. Engineered with extra feeding strength for seaming the inside of jeans. The machine is best suited for lap seaming jeans, denim jackets, work uniforms, etc.

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MS-3580 Series