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Plant Engineering

Plant Designing / Project Reports
For customers Planning to Setup Their Own Sewing Plants, we Offer the Best-Suitd Plant Design.

Service Contents
• Making Report To Sewing Product And Volume Of Production/ Machine Capacity & As Per Compliance.
• Quick & Precise Design.
• From Fabric Storage To Carton Storage.

Main Data Of Factory Design
• Production Design/Basic Data Suitable Processing Time, Number Of operator needed, productivity.
• Number Of machine Required Model/Number of machines In Cutting, Sewing Finishing Section.
• Process Analysis List Operation flow/ Machine With Attachment, Folder & Device Utilized/process time.

On The Job Training
To Improve Productivity & Quality Of sewing in Garment Factories, JUKI Conduct On the Job training Program. The seminar OJT is Basically Meant For Production people Like , Industrial Engineers, Supervisors, Quality Team Who Are Actively Involved In The Shop Floor.
This program Makes Every One to understand Concept Of Industrial Engineering Which Will make Difference Between Supervisors, Quality Staff , IE To Work Together As Team.
Day-1: Seminar For OJT Team.
Day-2: OJT Training – Time Study, Operation Rate Analysis, line Balancing.
Day-3: OJT Training-Analysis of Observed Data. Implementation Of Solution /Motion Improvement.
Day-4 study in Redesigned line/ Checking For Critical Area/ Hourly Production.
Day-5: Presentation By OJT Team To Management On their Existing Condition And Improvement Done in .
Past 4 Day.

Factory Study
• To Help The manufacturers increase Their Productivity.
• To Suggest Appropriate Machines for Different Operations.
• To Reduce Unproductive Time From Sewing Section.
• To Identify The Bottlenecks in manufacturing Sections and Suggest Procedures To Streamline Production.
• To suggest Better machine layout For Minimal Material handling.
• To Suggest Appropriate Material handling Systems .

• Bottleneck AREAS Can be Identified For Improvement.
• A Better Method Of Performing Of Operation Can be Suggested Thus Decrease The Actual Sewing time
• Higher Productivity Which Leads To higher output And More Profits For The Same Number Of Machines.
• Actual Output/ Actual efficiency can be Determind.

Phase1-Operation rate Research
Phase2-Time Study And Method Study
Phase3-Analysis Of the Observed Data
Period-3 To 4 Days Depending Upon Design

Attachment Seminar & Publications
Our Attachment seminar provide Technical Know-How in manufacturing Of Attachment That Match Customer’s Profile Sewing machine Attachment making Seminar is Unique In The World.
It Explain the Concept Of Sewing Machine Attachment making & Methods With Help Of Engineering Drawing, illustration And Video.

• Sewing machine Attachment making Basic Course.
• Sewing machine Attachment making intermediate Course
• Sewing machine Attachment making Private seminar

On Sale are Various useful Books For Apparel manufacturing Method And improvement Of Production Gathered in books are The Know – How Of Sewing-40 Years Of Experience.

More than 9,000 people Including Executive , Plant Manger IE Staff , Supervisors and Operators, Students etc, Attended the lectures and seminars on garment production & Quality

Promotion Of Young Staff and supervisors
• For Trainee Employee And Mid Class managers Trainee.
• Juki will Train Basic & Advanced IE Concepts From Process Analysis To production Design.

Manager & Supervisor’s Problem Solving Abilities to Problem Of Production Line Are Improved Through The Practice.

Explaining production detail By Video, Data to make them to Understand Easily (MANAGER, Supervisors, Operators)

• Basic seminar (2Hrs) – How to Improve Productivity in Garment Industry.
• Open seminar (3 Days) – Production Control Seminar.
• Open seminar (3 Days) – Production Control & OJT.
• In house Seminar (3+2 Days)- Production Control & OJT
• 5’S Concepts.